What the research said

Essentially, my research said that the practice of facilitating leadership development with horses is indeed connected, in the most part to, established bodies of knowledge. That might not have been what some in the field wanted to hear. Occasionally I do get people who think that working with horses is unique and that there is nothing that can be learned from other approaches to learning and development. However, those established bodies of knowledge turn out to be quite varied and detailed. 

Advanced Facilitation


Adult Learning methods


Leadership theory and practice

Whilst it doesn't require the establishment of a new theory to explain the underpinnings of this way of workingit does show that those different but overlapping bodies of knowledge need to be connected and to explore what that means in practice.  In particular where the skills of facilitation and facilitator presence overlaps with the principles of embodied, experiential learning in a leadership context.

What the research said
Sue Binks 17 December, 2021
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