The Power of Presence Series
Presence as Power- Beyond Ego

This is a tricky one! Several of the research participants talked about emptying themselves, but still being powerful, embodying their own authentic presence. For some this was gentle or quiet, for others more forthright and expressive. What was common to all though was having done enough personal development, to be self-aware enough to know what was their 'stuff' and to be able to let all of that go; to not be phased by whatever emerged between horse and humans; to let go of ego without letting go of expertise, to be in service of the learners and being able to hold a safe space.  This is in contrast to some practice that I have seen where the facilitation is all about the facilitator either trying to prove what they know or just filling the space with their stories. 

How do you develop your presence? What helps you show up, in service of the learning and the learners?

The Power of Presence Series
Sue Binks 11 January, 2022
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The Power of Presence Series:
What does it mean to be present?