The Power of Presence Series:
What does it mean to be present?

Horses, on the whole don't know how not to be present. If we, as facilitators are not fully present, too busy thinking and planning, we risk missing important, subtle cues they are giving us. Each one of my research participants described to varying degrees the experience of being present, in the moment, attuned to their own immediate physical, mental and emotional experience and to that of others. The ‘other’ was particularly focused on being attuned to the signals that the horses may be giving, with some giving emphasis to the client and environment as well. Being fully present is something that takes years of practice as anyone who has undertaken any mindfulness practice will agree.

Being Here

With this group and your own physical state

Being Now

In the moment as it unfolds

Being With and For

Without ego respectfully and compassionately

Being Open

Free from preconceptions, attentive to what emerges

The Power of Presence Series:
Sue Binks 30 December, 2021
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