Purpose and Ethos
Supporting amazing work


Anyone, no matter how experienced or fresh into this work helping humans learn with horses, deserves the best support. It can feel lonely, scary or just plain confusing at times when you are working at the leading edge of learning and development. I want to use my practice as a facilitator, my research into what underpins the practice of facilitating leadership development with horses and my experience of developing developers, to be part of that support.

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What I bring is in service of the amazing developmental work that is possible when humans learn with and from horses. Whatever your starting point, the Equine Facilitator is here to build skill, knowledge and confidence. It isn't about any one method, it is about complementing what you already bring to this much needed work.

Purpose and Ethos
Sue Binks 17 December, 2021
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Why set up the Equine Facilitator?
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