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Foundations of Facilitation

Foundations of Facilitation – theory and practice 

Group size- Max 6 

Who is this for? You may be new to facilitation with horses, or been facilitating for a little while, but never had any formal training. This programme is for you if you want to understand the foundations for the structure of sessions and the theory that underpins the choices we make when facilitating groups. 


Learning approach – This is a blended programme with online sessions covering the foundations of facilitation and in person practice sessions with horses. Everything that we do as we go about learning how to facilitate, we will examine and use to explore the choices we make as facilitators  


Time investment – 2x 3hr online sessions +pre-work; 2 days practice with horses 

What we cover –  

·       Beginnings: 

o   Understanding the client need and designing the session 

o   Establishing psychological safety 

o   Practice sessions 

·       Middles:  

o  Experiential and embodied learning – what is it? 

o  Ways to intervene – a sliding scale 

o  Observation and the ladder of inference 

o  Practice sessions  

·       Endings: 

o   Drawing it all together – making sense of the experience with learners 

o   Trouble Shooting 

o   What next? -reflections and actions 

o   Practice sessions 



By the end of the programme you will –  

·                     Have a draft programme design for use with your own clients 

·                     Have the skills to create and maintain psychological safety 

·                     Be confident using a range of different intervention skills 

·                     Develop the confidence to handle challenging situations 


£1,500 with an early bird discount of 10% 

£1,350 – Not for Profit rate, with early bird discount of 10% 

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Programmes and Support
Sue Binks 15 August, 2022
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