Intuition in Facilitation
How reliable is it?

In the research, what was clear  was that, no matter how experienced the practitioner, no matter how reliable their intuitions probably were, they were only ever part of the picture. And they were always offered tentatively. One participant in particular mentioned that even if his intuition was spot on, if the client wasn’t ready to learn it, then the respect for that person and what was right for them at that time superseded any need to be right.

These expert facilitators used all of their experience, both prior to and in the moment, to skilfully navigate the tensions and choices, using discernment and expert decision making to guide their actions. Knowledge, skill and experience as well as presence and in the moment awareness and compassion were used to make artful choices in the moment in service of the learner and the learning.

So, the key thing is, it doesn't actually matter how reliable your intuition is. In fact, believing it to be reliable may actually be unhelpful. It is more important to be critically reflective, or at least discerning enough to guard against hubris, or well intentioned projections masquerading as intuition


Intuition in Facilitation
Sue Binks 7 March, 2022
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